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Revision Strategies That Just Work

03 / Apr / 2018
So many students revise badly, wasting precious time. Find out the BEST way to revise in time for your GCSEs or A Levels this summer and crack those exams.

How to power up your memory to smash those mock exams

04 / Nov / 2017
If you're worried you won't remember everything for your year 11 or 13 mock exams. help is at hand. The trick with any exam is to know how to revise. Sometimes it's not about how much time you spend revising; it's about how you revise for the greatest gain.

How much time do you need

10 / Sep / 2017
If you are starting your final GCSE or A Level year, you might think you've bags of time before your exams. In reality, you have two terms. Or just a handful of weeks if you include mocks. Are you planning to work from now, or leave it to the last minute? Which is the more successful revision method?

Smash 11+ Exam Revision the Easy Way

04 / Jun / 2017
If your child is struggling to move forward with common entrance revision, or is stuck on something and feeling anxious, here are three fabulous tips to help them achieve peak performance when it matters.

English at 11+ is no pushover

03 / Apr / 2017
If your child is sitting an entrance exam in Cheshire or the Manchester area this year, youíll know that English is a key component of the 11+ papers. Everything from comprehension and composition writing, to grammar and verbal knowledge is covered across several papers. Daunting for many children to say the least. So how can you help your child master these different disciplines, while still maintaining their enthusiasm? Here is some smart advice from our top 121 Home Tutors team.

What to do if you failed to get your secondary school place this year

05 / Mar / 2017
With schools oversubscribed, many parents across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire will be sighing with relief that they secured their first choice school for September 2017. But what if you didnít? What if you missed out? What options are there?

5 secrets to kick starting your exam year

03 / Jan / 2017
Was 2016 a struggle for you? Perhaps you failed a key mock exam, or school was tougher than you thought? Whether youíre taking GCSEs, A levels, a grammar school exam or SATs, try these positive steps to help you leap forward, not stumble backwards.

What is your last minute revision game plan

05 / Dec / 2016
This exam season is always hectic - whether you're taking GCSEs, A level mocks, or sitting an entrance test in January. Here are some canny revision techniques to help you sail through any exam!

How to plan a personal statement with WOW factor

14 / Oct / 2016
Desperate to get into the university of your choice? Stuck for ideas on where to start with your UCAS personal statement? Need an A level tutor in the Manchester or Cheshire area to help you achieve your grades first time?

How 11+ tuition can help your child thrive

26 / Sep / 2016
Considering 11+ tuition to help your child achieve, develop life skills and boost confidence?
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