5 secrets to kick starting your exam year


Was 2016 a struggle for you? Perhaps you failed a key mock exam, or school was tougher than you thought?

Whether you’re taking GCSEs, A levels, a grammar school exam or SATs, try these positive steps to help you leap forward, not stumble backwards.                         

Make a small habit pay off big time

What do you most put off? Perhaps you leave your homework to the last minute? Instead, prioritise the one thing you avoid during the week that you KNOW you should do more of. Then watch how you gain more time, feel calmer, achieve higher grades.

Chunk it down

Break a big task into bite-size chunks. Got an English essay to write? Spend five minutes planning it without distractions. Take a break, then come back to write the first paragraph. The idea is to mentally tick off a task in stages so it feels do-able. Once you’re more confident, up the ante. Block out 20 minutes at a time, then 30.

Do something different

If you bombed out in a recent mock exam, do you know why? What didn’t work for you first time round? Be honest. Smart people don’t just learn from their mistakes, they learn new strategies to avoid where they went wrong the first time. Be smart!

De-clutter your space

Filing system in a mess? Can never find that sheet your teacher gave you? Arm yourself with folders and punched pockets to sort it. No more losing key papers, practice essays, revision sheets. A messy bedroom creates frustration. Organised chaos is the better bet!

Ask for help when you need it

One of the biggest challenges facing you is the pace of work. If you hit a headache in class, and move on without ever figuring it out, we can bet you anything that that exact topic will come up in your final exam!

Make a note on your smartphone or planner to ask for help that week – whether from a parent or subject teacher.

And if you’ve built up several headaches, worry not: all is not lost. A personal tutor can be a huge help in not just getting you back on track, but in motivating you to exam glory!

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