A level results - what next...


Thursday’s Crunch Time - A level Results are Out.

If you got the grades you expected and a place at your chosen University very WELL DONE!

If you/your child don’t get a place - don’t despair... It may seem like the end of the world, but it isn’t…

As you’ve probably heard, competition for Universities has reached new heights. In these credit crunch times, reduced funding means there are fewer places available but at the same time the number of applications has increased so unfortunately, not all those that applied will get a place – and sometimes even getting top grades doesn’t guarantee a place!

Grades not quite as expected?

Be honest and try to establish why grades weren’t as hoped.

  • Was it a lack of focus and/or a lack of study? If so, then retakes may be an option.
  • Was it a lack of motivation and/or interest in the subjects chosen? If so, it’s a good time to reconsider direction. It’s better to find out now than after more years of study!

University Clearing

If a different course, or different University is something you'd like to consider then there's the clearing system placing students with remaining University places. This guide in the Guardian explains more about University clearing and how it works.

However, competition for places at UK University’s is intense and recent news suggests there will be fewer clearing places available but there are still some good alternatives to University around and in this post we look at some alternative options....

Don’t accept just anything…

One thing we’d advise is not to take a place on a course, just because there’s a place.

Given that the best University's and courses have already been declared full it's be worth considering why there are places still available - is it a worthwhile course? Studying for a degree can be expensive and so it’s worth considering how useful the degree/diploma will be in the real world of work and if it’s likely to bring a return on the investment – check out this site showing employment stats for Uni graduates 

Part-time degrees

More and more students are opting for Open University courses. Courses are part time and flexible and allow students to fit studies around work (and a cheaper option so good way of avoiding huge debts and gaining valuable work experience while doing a degree) and because OU courses demand a student to be self motivated, OU degrees are highly regarded by employers. A viable alternative to the traditional 3yr course. 

Overseas Uni’s

Dutch, Australian and US University’s have a recruitment drive for UK students. Going abroad, especially to a non-English speaking country, will pose a challenge but it’s certainly an option worth considering, especially for students looking for a career based internationally or involving travel, and could be a great experience for a student.

Take a gap year

Fewer students are now taking a gap year between A levels and Uni but those that do, either by choice or because they didn’t get a place 1st time round can put the year to good use. A gap year's a good opportunity to experience work, earn some money, travel and an opportunity to reflect and mature!

Not go to Uni

Many entrepreneurs and successful business people chose not to go to university. Notgoingtouni.co.uk is a useful site that gives ideas of alternatives to a degree course, such as apprenticeships,  and also testimonials from people – mostly young people – that chose not to go to university and are doing very well.

Further advice

The Exam Results Helpline - 0808 100 8000

And if you decide re-takes are the best option and you live around Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Cheshire areas then our tutors at 1-2-1 Home Tutors will be happy to help.