Learning is for Life

Learn a language, improve career prospects, personal challenge?..

Learning doesn't stop when we leave school ... adults return to education, either formally or informally, to continue learning for many reasons including:

  • Learn a foreign language - many of our adult learners come to us looking for a tutor for private tuition in a foreign language to either learn a new language or brush up on their existing French, German, Spanish etc. to become more confident and fluent when travelling to a foreign country either on holiday or for business.
  • Career progression - many of our adult learners look for a tutor to help them gain, or improve on, qualifications (GCSEs, A levels, degree, diplomas) to enhance their career prospects.
  • Graduate recruitment - graduate job application processes often involve aptitude and assessment tests which tend to include maths, English and reasoning .
  • Professional exams - Accountancy and Law for example
  • Personal challenge and/or satisfaction to learn a new skill.

Whatever reason, we at 1-2-1 Home Tutors have tutors familiar with adult learning and tutors who can help adult learners through their chosen course, or to tutor them through a course if the thought of going back to college amongst mainly teenagers is too daunting. If you would like to discuss how our tutors can help with adult education tutoring across Macclesfield, Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Cheshire areas please call us or complete our find a tutor form.

Private tuition vs College.

Which you choose depends on many factors such as your individual learning requirements, work and family commitments and cost. Questions to consider include:

What are your learning objectives?

Do you want to acquire a formal qualification such as a GCSE, A level or degree/diploma? At some point you will need to register with an exam body and exam centre and sit an exam, though it is entirely possible to do GCSE's A levels and some degree/diploma courses independently and enter as a private candidate. Colleges of further and higher education welcome adult learners and offer a variety of structured courses that may or may not lead to a formal qualification such as a GCSE, A level or diploma. Some adults prefer to join in with group lessons, for example in college, others find private tuition more practical.

Do you want to learn a foreign language for personal and/or business travel? People learn languages at different paces and often the thought of speaking in a group is too daunting, in which case a private tutor for eg French or German can help put the learner at ease. Private tutoring can also be a faster way to learn a language.

When is a good time?

Many adult learners prefer personal tutoring as college timetables are restrictive, or don't fit with work or family commitments.

What is your timescale for learning? If time is an issue - for example if you want to become a fluent French, German or Spanish speaker in time for a trip abroad - it may be better to take a smaller number of 1-2-1 intensive tutoring sessions than a longer term course.

How confident are you?

No beating about the bush! Most adults haven't been in a college since they left school/college/university and often the thought of going back and possibly being amongst a group of teenagers is off-putting. There are courses designed for specifically for adults but these are likely to be night classes and again may not suit those that work full-time.

What is your budget?

Group sessions always cost less than one on one private tutoring but an hour of one-to-one tuition is equivalent to 20 hours in a group of 20 so it may also depend on the time you have available. For those without qualifications there are usually grants available, though recent changes now mean that someone doing a second degree would pay higher fees than someone doing a first degree.

What can we help with?

At 1-2-1 Home Tutors we have tutors familiar with adult learning who can help adult learners through their chosen course, or to tutor them through a course if the thought of going back to college amongst mainly teenagers is too daunting.

  • Language tutors that offer tuition for adults in French, German, Spanish, Italian, English as a Foreign Language
  • Bespoke Language tuition courses for individuals or businesses
  • Tuition in Maths, English, reasoning for graduate recruitment aptitude and assessment tests
  • Graduate recruitment - aptitude test prep
  • Maths and English tutoring
  • Report writing and creative writing.

And if there's anything else you need help with, just ask we may be able to help or point you in the right direction.

Your next step

If you are an adult learner looking for a private tutor in Macclesfield, Manchester, Stockport and/or Wilmslow, Cheshire areas for French, German, Spanish, Maths, English tutoring & more then please call us on 01625 531 360 (or mobile 07914 568 259) or email us your enquiry.