Become a Tutor

  • Are you a teacher, tutor or skilled professional?
  • Are you patient, flexible, passionate about helping others learn?
  • Are based in and around¬†Macclesfield, ¬†Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Cheshire areas?
  • Could you offer primary, secondary tutoring for SATs, GCSE, A level?
  • Would you like to become a tutor and feel you have the necessary expertise and commitment to learning?
  • Then we would be interested to speak with you.

Call 01625 531 360 or email or download a 'become a tutor' application form.

** We have students waiting for maths, english, science, spanish, primary, A level Biology, Chemistry tutors**

Talented tutor seeking work?

We are always interested to hear from prospective home tutors in and around Macclesfield, Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Cheshire areas and have prospective students waiting for those who tutor primary subjects, English and Biology, Chemistry Physics at A level and higher, though if you offer a different subject you are also welcome to apply. Please download a 'become a tutor' application form and/or find further information by following the links.

Or, if you prefer to discuss any aspect of becoming a tutor with us, please call 01625 531 360 or or email.

* Please note tutorials are usually between 3.30pm - 8pm weekdays during term time so we advise you call at other times. Out of office service available on 07914 568259.