Bringing learning to life: the benefits of tuition

A tutor can help with all aspects of learning; a tutor can help those that for one reason or another are not 'getting' or understanding a subject to those struggling to keep still or motivated and in concentration for long enough to study, to those who just want a some extra tips on revising and passing exams to push them into higher grades. Classwork, homework, exam preparation, revision technique, study skills, motivation, concentration, confidence, dealing with the pressure of school or college, career choices and much more....

  • Tuition can help you or your child with all educational needs; help with classwork, homework, exam preparation and technique, revision techniques, study skills, boosting confidence/self-belief and more.
  • More can be accomplished working one-to-one; generally, 2-3 hours' home tuition is equivalent to a full day at school. Measurable improvement can only help build pupils' confidence and self-esteem and maximise their enjoyment of a subject.
  • Tuition can help improve grades and has the potential to bring long-term rewards - better grades could lead to improved employment prospects.

Academic Tutors

A Personal tutor can benefit a learner academically by improving their understanding of a subject and can help students pass exams by showing them what and how to revise, giving tips on how to sit exams etc. We have tutors for helping with the basic skills (basic literacy and numeracy) , English, Maths tutors, Science tutors (general science tutors, combined science tutors, biology tutors, chemistry tutors, physics tutors), Language tutors (french tutors, german tutors), music tutors & more

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