Dealing with School


School is tough – there are so many pressures. Pressures to fit in, to fit the mould, study [or be seen not to as the case may be], be a child, be grown up, cope with the constant tirade of criticism about young people and in amongst all that the personal pressures of puberty and growing up! For most year 6 children there’s the inevitable upheaval as they move from ‘safe’ primary school to new territory and secondary school – a whole new set of pressures.

For those that ‘fit-in’ that have friends they relate to, that fit in with one of the groups. School can be fine – maybe even ‘fun’? But what about the young people that don’t fit in? What about those that, for whatever reason don’t find a crowd of friends, that aren’t popular or that don’t find the study easy [or maybe even find it too easy]. To be anything but ‘average’ appears tough in schools today – primary or secondary but possibly more noticeably at secondary school.

Schools are great when it comes to helping the ‘average’ student but seem to struggle when a child’s at other levels of the spectrum. Though for those diagnosed with dyslexia or other ‘testable’ problems that can be given a label there seems more hope and better outcomes. Note, to be clear the intention here is not to criticise schools – with limited resources and so many demands what else can they do? We aim to work with schools to help with these problems. The intention is more to draw attention to some of the issues.

Help is at hand

It is little known that there is help at hand to help children that aren’t coping perfectly with school life. While tutors can help with the academic side of education, in today’s harsh world there are also effective strategies that can help with the other aspects of education and learning. For those that are bullied, depressed, lacking confidence or struggling with learning for whatever reason, these strategies have been proven effective. Or maybe your child is simply struggling with the decisions of life such as what career/job path to take, what choices to make?

So what can we do? At 1-2-1 Home Tutors we hear so many cries for help from parents of children experiencing bullying or about children finding it extremely difficult to cope with the pressures of school, especially when it comes to testing and exams. It’s when there are problems that the difficulties seem to build – the schools’ just don’t seem to know what to do, the local authorities appear to constantly ‘pass the buck’ and re-direct parents back to the head. It can take extreme persistence and many months, if not years, to get heard and when it comes to depressed children, stressed children, bullied children or those with learning difficulties etc the clock ticks and important educational years become a thing of the past and the problems compound. Fortunately for some, private help is an option but for many it is a struggle.

We provide short courses that can help students, and young people cope with the pressures and deal with school so if the pressures are becoming too much; talk to us and we’ll do our best to help. Call 1-2-1 Home Tutors on 01625 531 360 for further information