How 11+ tuition can help your child thrive


The media often paints a picture of Eleven Plus tuition as a magic pass into private education. This is simply untrue... Time and again we meet children across Manchester and Cheshire with zero confidence, struggling to move forward.

Often, those children feel so daunted in class to ask for help that they seriously underachieve. While others suffer from the shame of ‘just not getting it’ compared to their peers.

In reality, Eleven Plus tuition can give children a safe space to explore their learning hurdles - helping them leap forward from the starting block.  

Far from prepping them to get into a school, tuition can give children the confidence to show what they can do under pressure. A reality of life which all of us face.

Why do some parents choose entrance exam schools?

Parents often apply to a grammar or independent school because of its smaller, inclusive environment. Aside from a good reputation and location, parents pick a school to suit their child’s specific needs. For instance, children:

  • Who are bright - such as those with Aspergers – and who might feel overwhelmed in a large school
  • With emotional and processing difficulties who thrive better in a close-nit community
  • Who are exceptionally bright, and yet struggle to blossom
  • Who are quiet and unassuming, and need a more nurturing setting

What life skills could 11+ tuition give my child?

 11+ tuition can help children develop all-important skills for life such as:

  • Better communication skills
  • Quick thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Logical thinking
  • Sharper numerical skills

 Is there a top 11 Plus tutor available near me?

At 121 Home Tutors, we have the pick of the crop across Manchester and Cheshire. For instance, new on the team we’ve an experienced 11+ tutor in Bramhall, Stockport.

With a former head of an independent school available to help your child, you can count on the integrity and knowledge of our personal tutors to help your child shine. Get in touch with us today!