How much time do you need


If you have just started in year 11 or 13, it might seem as though you have bags of time to prepare for next summer's finals.

In reality, you only have two full terms. And they'll fly by faster than the summer did. They always do. In fact, this catches GCSE and A Level students out every single year. 

Time and again at 121 Home Tutors, distraught parents get in touch worried that their son or daughter has dramatically underperformed in their mock exams. 

The enormity of the task ahead then mushrooms, and panic stations set in.

How can you stay on top of exam pressure?

  1. Pace yourself: Start off the year by working consistently. Attend lessons and revision sessions, finish homework, start prioritising areas you struggle with.
  2. Get practical: Alongside your study timetable, start putting together revision folders and cards. Scrabbling revision folders together with just two months to go will feel like such an ordeal. Instead, start now! 
  3. Practise, practise, practise: One of the best advice our top tutor team here across Cheshire and Manchester give is to practise exam papers over the months ahead.

Your mocks do count remember. Teachers may even use mocks results to predict your grades. Grade predictions can hold you back if they are lower than your capabilities. 

The answer is to start now and pace yourself to stay ahead of the game. As ever, don't allow yourself to be de-railed by a tricky patch at school.

  • Ask for help
  • Arrange a private tutor
  • Face your fears

If you don't know where to turn, speak to our fab tutor team who've supported loads of students just like you through to exam success.