How to power up your memory to smash those mock exams


Just how do you remember everything you need to for a set of mock year 11 or 13 exams?

Many of you might 'think' you are revising properly, but in actual fact you might be wasting a lot of precious time.

The trick is to understand how the human memory works. 

  1. Recall what you've learnt: If you just read over notes - recognise them - the information won't last long in your memory. However, if you revise and then try to recall from memory, you stand a far better chance of remembering the facts. Try revising with a friend. Test each other... 
  2. Try timed tests: Essential, then, to build in some proper exam recall of the information you've learnt. So after revising a scene or character in 'Macbeth,' set yourself a timed exam practice question. This way, you'll polish up your recall skills and will remember key information for longer.
  3. Give yourself some space: Cramming information has the opposite effect. If you study for four hours at a time without stopping, information will go in one ear and out the next. Revise for 40 minutes and then have a break - to give yourself some space - can be far more effective.
  4. Learn what you don't know: It feels good to go over something you know already right? That's because those feelings of familiarity feels comfortable. However, as science tells us, it's better to focus on the things you don;t know, not the things you do. 

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