How we work & fees

Working harder on your behalf

We recommend qualified local home tutors* to help with school and college subjects for all ages: our home tutors can help build confidence, skills and the enjoyment of learning and can help improve grades.

Choosing the right tutor to match the individual learning needs and personality of the learner is vital and so we take the time to gain a full understanding of the clients learning requirements before recommending a local private tutor. Fees quoted will vary and depend mainly on the subject and level.

A meeting of minds

We usually only recommend one tutor at a time, though a list of suitable tutors is available on request. You can then make contact with the home tutor and once you have met or spoken with your recommended tutor you are entirely free to decide whether the tutor is right for you and the needs of your family, and make arrangements that are mutually convenient. If you are in any way unhappy with the match we will provide you with another recommendation. From this point on, all arrangements become entirely within your control.


Hourly fees* will vary according to subject(s) and level(s) and often, experience and popularity of a home tutor so please contact 1-2-1 Home Tutors for details. In our recommendation we will quote an hourly fee that you then pay, direct to the tutor, when home tutoring is arranged. The hourly fee includes all our recommendation costs – we do not invoice you.

* Our tutors are qualified professionals and demonstrate experience and expertise in their subject. Our fees will reflect this and tuition fees start from £17/hour though the most popular, experienced and successful tutors will charge a higher hourly fee