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Many students waste precious time revising incorrectly. With so little time before the exam season, it makes sense to build effective revision strategies into your timetable - starting now.

Just how do you remember everything you need to for a set of mock year 11 or 13 exams?

If you have just started in year 11 or 13, it might seem as though you have bags of time to prepare for next summer's finals.

If your child is sitting 11+ exams and entrance exams across Manchester and Cheshire in September or January, it can feel like everyone is trapped in a pressure-pot of emotion. 

If your child is sitting an entrance exam in Cheshire or the Manchester area this year, you’ll know that English is a key component of the 11+ papers.

With schools oversubscribed, many parents across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire will be sighing with relief that they secured their first choice school for September 2017.But what if you didn’t? What if you missed out? What options are there?

Was 2016 a struggle for you? Perhaps you failed a key mock exam, or school was tougher than you thought?

The Christmas exam season is always hectic whether you’re taking GCSE or A Level mocks, or sitting an entrance exam in January.

If you’re in Year 13, you’ve a hectic few months ahead. And if you’ve set your heart on a particular university course, it matters to make your personal UCAS application the best it can be.

The media often paints a picture of Eleven Plus tuition as a magic pass into private education. This is simply untrue... Time and again we meet children across Manchester and Cheshire with zero confidence, struggling to move forward.