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Maths - known as numeracy in primary learning - is a compulsory subject for all school students from reception through to GCSE. Maths / numeracy covers a range of skills, broadly divided into number, space and shape (geometry), algebra, statistics & probability >> find maths tutors in Wilmslow, Manchester or Stockport areas

Science is also compulsory for school students and helps develop an analytic mind. Science is a ‘catch-all’ heading that includes many different science disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry & Physics >> find Science tutors in Wilmslow, Manchester or Stockport areas

Maths tutors

Maths and numeracy skills are extremely useful, if not essential. At 1-2-1 Home Tutors we know that many find dealing with numbers difficult. This is where our Maths tutors in Manchester, Stockport, Wilmslow, Knutsford & local areas are here to help you or your child – we have Maths tutors that can help with all aspects of learning how to deal with numbers, from basic arithmetic skills to advanced mechanics and application of maths including:

  • Primary numeracy tuition
  • Basic skills maths tuition for all ages
  • Functional maths tuition
  • 11+ & entrance test maths tuition
  • GCSE, and iGCSE, maths
  • A level – AS and A2 maths
  • Advanced maths
  • Applied maths
  • GMAT maths

Science tutors

At 1-2-1 Home Tutors we have both general Science tutors in Manchester, Stockport & Wilmslow and Warrington areas to help you or your child, and subject-specific tutors to help with all levels from primary and lower secondary science tuition to GCSE and A level:

  • General science tutors
  • Combined science [dual or double award] tuition
  • Biology tutors
  • Chemistry tutors
  • Physics tutors
  • GCSE, iGCSE and 1/2 certificate sciences
  • AS, A2 A level sciences

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