Smash 11+ Exam Revision the Easy Way


If your child is sitting 11+ exams and entrance exams across Manchester and Cheshire in September or January, it can feel like everyone is trapped in a pressure-pot of emotion. 

Children can feel anxious if pressure is piled on them too early. That's why it makes sense to keep a little perspective as you all go through the process. 

After all, you simply want the best for your child. And yet, you don't want them to feel too pressurised so that they don't perform on the day.

To help your child peak at the right time, here are our top tips:

  • Practise 'little and often': The best plan of action is to work a little and often, rather than slavishly doing practice papers for hours on end. This way, your child will feel he/she can practise skills over time without feeling overawed by the work. This way, your child can accumulate success at their own pace, rather than feeling too much pressure months beforehand.
  • Take time challenges: Nearer the time, increase the time spent per learning session by introducing practise papers to set specific time challenges. If the composition section is half an hour, just do that - not all the papers together. Then increase the activities incrementally. Perhaps a comprehension and composition next time. And assess where your child struggled. This will also help you to focus on improving weaker areas, while helping your child beat the clock!
  • Have fun: There are all kinds of word, maths, verbal/non verbal games you can play to introduce some fun into learning. If your child enjoys learning, they will more than likely be more successful at smashing the extrance exams. 

Need specific common entrance exam tuition?

Help is at hand. We have some fantastic independent, private and grammar school tutors available across the area. Now is actually a brilliant time to swing your child's revision into action. A private tutor can help your child understand a tricky concept, do something in half the time and perfect skills.

Many of our terrific entrance exam tutors are booking up for summer now. Don't miss out if you are looking for someone to support you with 11+ exam entry. Just get in touch...