Tutors in Wilmslow

Below is a list of subjects our tutors in Wilmslow offer 1-2-1 home tutoring

  • 11+ tuition for entry to local grammar schools
  • Biology GCSE and A level
  • Chemistry GCSE, A level
  • English language GCSE, A level
  • English Literature GCSE, A level
  • Entrance test tuition for entry to local private schools
  • French - all levels incl GCSE, A level
  • German - all levels incl GCSE A level
  • History GCSE, A level
  • Maths - all levels incl GCSE, A level
  • Politics GCSE, A level
  • Primary studies - KS1, KS2
  • Science all levels incl GCSE, A level
  • Sociology A level
  • Spanish GCSE

To arrange tuition call us on 01625 531 360  email your enquiry or complete our find a tutor form.

1-2-1 Home Tutors, Wilmslow Tutors, is here to help find you the ideal home tutor and we have tutors for #11+ tutoring, general primary home tutoring, English, Maths, Sciences, Language and history tutoring amongst others. We have Wilmslow tutors for home tutoring in Wilmslow that cater for ages from age 3 to adult and at all levels including GCSE and A level.

We have been matching students with qualified, experienced home tutors for over 7 years and are proud of the results our #tutors help their students obtain.

Home tutoring, in a relaxed, comfortable environment, away from the pressures of school and peer groups and on a 1-2-1 basis can really help a student improve their confidence and their grades and we are always pleased with the positive feedback parents and students provide about our home tutoring service and about our home tutors

If you need home tutoring in Wilmslow in a subject not listed you are welcome to still contact us as we regularly recruit new tutors and availability of individual tutors changes

THANK-YOU for choosing 1-2-1 Home Tutors

Become a Tutor

1-2-1 Home Tutors, Wilmslow Tutors division is keen to recruit qualified teachers and tutors, ideally with home tutoring experience, although not essential.

We are particularly keen to recruit in the following subject areas, due to demand

  • Chemistry tutors for GCSE and A level
  • Physics tutors for GCSE and A level
  • English tutors for GCSE and A level


Ideally tutors for home tutoring in Wilmslow have a teaching qualification and/or experience of home tutoring, at least a degree in a related subject and ability to travel.

For more information call us on 01625 531 360 - office hours 9 - 3.30pm, 8-9.30pm (most days) weekends (variable times) or call/text on 07914 568 259

or see our become a tutor page