What is your last minute revision game plan


The Christmas exam season is always hectic whether you’re taking GCSE or A Level mocks, or sitting an entrance exam in January.

While we don’t advise any student to leave revision to ‘the last minute,’ there are some canny techniques you can apply pronto to help you sail through those exams.

Top-of-the-class exam techniques  

When time is against you, try these terrific revision tips.

Remove distractions

Turn off your phone, internet, game consol, TV during every revision session. Essential to help you focus on making every minute count. 

Get sticky

Stick sticky-notes full of key quotes, formula and key facts in your bedroom, kitchen, fridge. A great way to blaze a trail of revision round your home. Just ask a parent first!

Learn using visual tricks 

Got a chapter to read? Help information sink in quicker by creating a mind-map or diagram of key information as you are going along. It might take a tad longer – but you’ll have something to show for that time spent.

Practise with past papers

While the internet can be a distraction, it can also be a FANTASTIC resource. Every exam board known to man has sample papers online. Check out YouTube too. Top teachers across the land use it to teach key techniques, poems, essay structures.

Mr Bruff’s YouTube channel is well known for his English tips, for instance.

Pick a private tutor to steer you forward

 It can be easy to lose sight of where you’re going sometimes. Whether you’re taking mocks shortly, or have just sat them, you may need extra tuition at home to iron out all those niggly issues you struggle with by yourself.

At 121 Home Tutors, we have the pick of the best tutors across Manchester and Cheshire available. And importantly, have the experience to help guide both you and your child through these stressful times.

Please drop us a line today for a chat with a senior tutor.