What to do if you failed to get your secondary school place this year


With schools oversubscribed, many parents across Greater Manchester and East Cheshire will be sighing with relief that they secured their first choice school for September 2017. 

But what if you didn’t? What if you missed out? What options are there?

Accept the school place

Securing a place ensures your child does have a school to go to come September. Staying in limbo doesn’t help your position with just months to go before the new academic year.

It might be that the school actually has plenty to offer your child. Do your homework… If your child does attend the school in the end, it’s important you remain positive at this stage.=

Get on a waiting list

If, however, you do have a preferred school, make sure you are on its waiting list. Manchester City Council, for instance, usually add your child’s name automatically. However, some schools are exempt from this system. In this case, contact the individual school to be added to their list – usually term by term. 

Submit an appeal

Even if you’ve accepted a place, you are entitled to appeal the decision. Download the appeals forms online from your local council:

Manchester Council

Cheshire East Council

When planning your appeal statement, think carefully about the reasons:

  • Explain why your child is especially suited to the school you prefer. Perhaps they’ve special educational needs, or have been deeply affected by bullying?
  • Expand on opportunities the school offers: perhaps it specialises in an interest your child has, or caters for specific children
  • Explain why it might be detrimental to send your school to the one offered. Perhaps there are social or practical reasons that could affect your child’s progress? Perhaps your child is an introvert and would suffer in a huge school? 

Prepare your child for academic success

Children worry about the future; they worry about joining a new school and not fitting in. And they especially worry about not achieving.  

Why not help give your child plenty of opportunity now to feel good about themselves? Private tuition can be a fantastic way to nip all those academic worries in the bud!

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